A cornerstone of our upper school curriculum and the culmination of a senior’s Academy experience as a student and a citizen of our community, the senior project gives students an opportunity to make sustained and rigorous inquiries into topics they find interesting over the course of their final high school year. The senior project takes on the weight and import of an academic class during the senior year and challenges students to:

  • Pursue a deeper understanding of a topic of choice
  • Stretch outside their comfort zone to engage with new topics, activities, and people
  • 独立开发和执行一个项目
  • 以某种方式回馈他们的社区

Each Academy senior work closely with a faculty advisor and outside mentor on their senior project, keeps a learning journal to document progress and growth, presents their project proposal and final project to The Academy community throughout the year, and generates a “product” of some kind that encapsulates their project.


  • 这一次Leo ' 22: 原创歌曲的EP/短专辑, 由利奥·沃格夫特演出和编曲, 制作和贝斯(埃弗雷特·摩尔).
  • 在传球区《十大网赌平台推荐》I wrote a chapbook (~30 pages) of poetry exploring the intersection between deafness, 残疾, 在我个人的经验中,肉体也是如此. Additionally I led a studio block called ‘Let’s Talk 十大网赌平台推荐 It!’ designed to encourage openness and vulnerability in younger students at the Academy.”
  • 切中要害[剪辑]22岁的艾玛: “An unedited version of part of a movie that I wrote this year with the intentions of breaking away from typical horror tropes. The link to the full script is also on the website.”
  • 滚动社区Ruby ' 22: “这是我的毕业设计, I filmed and edited a forty-minute documentary about an international fem, queer majority roller skating group called 社区 in Bowls (CIB). I interviewed several skaters to get to know what roller skating means to them.”
  • 建造一个8″反射望远镜《十大网赌靠谱网址平台》 “Throughout this year I have been building a telescope and also making the main mirror for it.”
  • 《被诅咒的人:电影中的颓废小说谢默斯22: “A collection of ten essays on film centering around themes of decadence and excess.”
  • 阿里阿德涅:喜剧22岁的佐伊写道: “这是一部以古代神话为题材的喜剧.”



  • 大卫的20: 你觉得太空很酷吗? Have you been hearing news about returning to the Moon and want to learn more? 看这个 4 part video series where I walk you through how rockets work, some basic history about the world’s largest space agencies, and a couple of other interesting things surrounding the aerospace industry.”
  • 伊桑的20: I planned out a mobile analog photography studio which could be brought to schools and organizations allowing them to run analog photography courses without the need for investing in all the necessary equipment and space.”
  • 萨利的20: “[My senior project involved] creating site-specific theater in Thornes Marketplace, then dealing with the cancellation of my performances, and eventually adapting my play into a virtual piece of work.”
  • 克莱尔的20: “[I interviewed] four family members/family friends about family stories and writing a collection of poetry based on the interviews! I focused on treating writing as process rather than product—as a way to transform raw, original interview transcripts into stories I feel I’ve internalized. (我也教过)创意写作工作室 . . .”
    最终产品 (collection of the project-related writing I’ve done throughout the year)  
    高级项目文件 (我的过程的文档!)
  • 尼克的20: “Attempting to design a basis for a video game that I have developed.”
  • Aislyn 20: “树屋追踪食物.” 网站.
  • 通道”20: “一个以环保为导向的 食谱.
  • 赖利的20: “(我的项目涉及到为 康涅狄格河管理协会. I got to work on a really cool project studying the land usage and water quality of the Deerfield Watershed . . . I also planned a source to sea trip of the Deerfield . . . 这是我网站的链接!”
  • Talos ' 20: "I made a short film with some animation and some live action. 我的项目叫做“如何摆脱头痛”. It’s a mixture of short narratives I’ve come up spanning the past year or two along with videos I took that I thought would look cool paired with music, and the smallest pinch of an impulsive mock Eric Andre Show. While creating this I have been able to utilise and expand on my drawing, 绘画, and music creation to assist me in making digital 2d animations in a program called Blender, and also improve my cinematography and editing skills.”
  • Kathleen ' 20: "Have you ever had a dog that wasn’t right for your home and had to move him/her to a place where he/she would be happier? If you haven’t, I bet you can guess that it is a very hard choice. 我写了一篇 孩子们的书 我希望能帮助孩子们(和成年人). I created the story and took photographs of small diorama scenes for the illustrations.”
  • 罗里的20: “设计一门语言(网站)”
  • 凯蒂的20: “How can an identity be created solely through secondhand accounts? 了解详情 凯蒂做了什么, where I explore identity and perspective in this humorous and insightful social-experiment-meets-documentary short. It is highly recommended you watch the film before this presentation, here is the link for that: 凯蒂做了什么?”